Localization Toolkit (LTK)

The Localization Toolkit (LTK) is a software toolkit for LabVIEW, which provides a framework to localize and translate LabVIEW applications (VIs). LTK fully integrates into a LabVIEW project window providing tools to define, manage, translate and integrate multi-language support. The supported languages are only limited by the capabilities of LabVIEW and Windows, which means that almost all languages can be integrated (incl. Chinese, Japanese, Russian and many more).

The Localization Toolkit (LTK) requires licenses for commercial use, but provides a full-featured 30-days-evaluation phase for non-commercial use.

Important Note: Online translation option is not available and therefore deactivated, as Google has discontinued the Google Translate service.

News: August 2020 - Support for NI TestStand added (Version 3.2.1)

LTK - EULA (commercial, english)
LTK - EULA (kommerziell, deutsch)
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