V2X (Vehicle-to-Anything) Communications

This category provides all available resources like software or documentation for Vehicle-To-Anything (V2X) communication related products. Basically two different technologies are supported:

For each of these technologies the V2X products are provided in different suites (or packages) - FULL, MON, RFC - serving different user needs. The FULL package contains all features currently available (Monitoring and RF-Compliance). The MON package contains basic communication and monitoring features and the RFC package provides features to measure and validate RF signals.In addition to this there is a package COMMS that provides basic communications and is required by all other packages. The COMMS package is free available for download.

The V2X software packages require communication hardware for operation. This hardware is not part of any suite and need to be purchased separately. Currently the V2X software packages are compatible with particular hardware devices:

  • NI PXI 5644
  • NI USRP 2953/54R
  • SEA 9719

The table below shows which hardware device works with which software suite (package):

NI PXI 5644 best good best best
NI USRP 2953/54 good best good best
SEA 9719 no no no best

best - best constellation of hardware and software

good - compatible constellation of hardware and software, however, there is a better constellation

no - hardware cannot be used with software

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