SEA 9745

Part Number: 60000070

SEA 9745 is a 4G (LTE) communication module with GPS receiver. World coverage: USA only (AT&T, T-Mobile).

March 2019: New driver version available:

  • Supports the new NI cRIO-904x targets
  • Supports LabVIEW 2017 or higher

This folder contains all resources available for the SEA 9745 like drivers, module firmware, tools or user documentation. For older LabVIEW versions (before LabVIEW 2017) see here.

The software driver consist of two parts that can be used independently: the FPGA and the RT driver. The FPGA driver provides access to the module resources through the FPGA (chassis backplane). The RT driver provides access to the modules resources through the real time controller (ethernet). Install both parts to gain full access to all modules capabilities.

Upgrade Notification: Remove all 1.x versions of the software driver before installation!

SEA 9745 Software Manual (FPGA)
SEA 9745 Software Manual (RT)
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